The Exponential Life

“There’s got to be something more than this.”

These were the words that would show up again and again in my life.

I was successful, people admired my success, but it didn’t matter. It meant nothing because “there’s got to be something more than this.”

It was a recurring thought, a recurring pattern.

I did things that looked impossible to most people.

At the age of 25 I managed an $18 million budget in a company where I didn’t have a title. Except that I was a leader, enrolling people in projects bigger than they could have imagined or thought possible at one of the top corporations on the planet.

I was the right-hand person to a family of billionaires. I organized their team, I ran their family office, I coordinated and liaised with extraordinarily successful professionals, highly accomplished in their field, and I lead them with a sense of confidence. I was a trusted advisor for 6.5 years.

I worked for an asset management company in the City of London, setting up a new part of the company. I took that company from $5 billion of assets under management to over $6 billion of assets under management in under 15 months.

I can count many experiences as my accomplishments, because the theme is that I create things that don’t exist. It’s what I do.

These are the stories that people might know about me, but what most people don’t know about me is that I don’t have a high school diploma.

Most people don’t know that my childhood was so traumatic that I was never told by anybody (because no one cared enough to literally sit down and tell me) that these things are impossible.

Jenny Calcoen
The Exponential Life

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Is this you:

You feel that so much more is possible for you, especially “impossible” goals.

You are not lonely, but you frequently feel alone, even though you are surrounded by people.

Your success is admired but secretly you are bored.

You are very successful in some areas of your life, and struggle in others.

You have turned your light down (or off), because you have learned to “fit in”.

You crave being surrounded by other high achievers.


When you think in terms of impossible, not possible, you stand out, you fly, you accomplish things that look impossible to most people.

I think in impossibles.

I’m not intimidated by people or circumstances.

It’s my gift.

I have done it my entire life and I help other people do the same thing.

It is a way of being that can be learned and it can be taught.

I work with people who live a default life and help them live an exponential life.

You have done incredible things in your life, and yet you take them for granted, despite the admiration of people around you.

Inside of you, deep down, lives a pain that goes back many years, an emptiness of “never enough” a sense of “there’s got to be something more than this.”

If that’s you, we should talk.

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